The great tradition of artisan ice cream 100% italian



Long shelf life product

Thanks to our preparation technologies and processing plants.


Simplified logistics

The transports are carried out at room temperature (max. 20°C)


Small productions

From 200 to 1000 liters/hour

non solo gelati

Not only ice-creams

But also each type of milk, fruit juices, soya, rice, almond drinks, chocolate, pastry creams, vegetable whipping creams, puddings and so on.


We supply the preparation technology along with the UHT processing plants, ensuring a long shelf-life product combined with a faster and less expensive production capacity.

Thanks to ALL IN ONE you could process:

  • Sugared whipping vegetable cream
  • Catering vegetable cream
  • All types of dairy milks and creams
  • Ice cream and fruit bases, sauces and toppings
  • Consistent and creamy ice cream bases
  • Production of liquid bases for ice creams: creams, fruits, granitas / sorbets
  • Soybeans / rice, oats, almonds etc. drinks
  • Chocolate to variegate and fill the trays and ice cream cups.
  • Custard cream, panna cotta, jelly etc.

Production technology