UHT Processing systems for the Ice Cream Producers, Cakes, Pastry-making and Catering  and for the Entire Food Sector

With the experience from Tosi, we are the technological and technical leader in the food sector: consultation, procedures, careful choice of times and top-quality materials, cost analysis. All the recipes can be produced based on vegetable fats also NON-HYDROGENATED and based on dairy ingredients.

Some examples of our receipes:

Sugared Whipping Cream, 22-27% Vegetable Fat for Patisserie and Ice Cream.

The already sugared version is ideal for decoration and filling of cakes and preparation of Chantilly cream, mousse, puddings. One of its advantages is the high yield: once whipped, it increases 3.5 times its volume and, in contrast to regular cream, it can be re-whipped. Furthermore, this cream is characterized by a heightened thickness: once whipped, the product is kept in this state for an extended period of time, without collapsing and without presenting effects of syneresis (separation).
The NON sugared version is characterized by milk-like flavour, it can be used for salted recipes and cooking preparations, with the addition of sugar, for patisserie. Once mounted, this cream is also kept firm for a long time without collapsing.

This recipe can also be produced with NON-HYDROGENATED vegetable fat.

Cream catering from 23% up to 15% vegetable fats.

An optimal cream for daily use in all your dishes, either cold or warm. Thanks to its elevated heat stability, this cream can be used successfully in any type of dish. With only 15% of vegetable fat in order to obtain a very creamy product. We also want to remark that this cream may be additionally flavoured with:
• Salmon flavour
• Mushroom flavour
• Cheese flavour
• Prosciutto flavour
• and others, based on the specific requests of the customer

The recipe can also be produced with NON-HYDROGENATED vegetables fat.

Bases for Ice Cream with Vegetable Fat.

A liquid UHT processed product that allows to obtain, in a simple way, delicious and top-quality ice cream.
It is a mix without any conservatives, homogenized at high pressure, ready to be transformed in ice cream, simply by pouring it in an ice-cream making machine or soft ice machine.

This recipe can also be produced with NON-HYDROGENATED vegetable fat.

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It is a liquid UHT product for various uses.
It is a drink based on cacao and chocolate, dense and creamy, ready to use.
In order to obtain an optimal chocolate cup, it is enough to heat using a chocolate-maker or microwave or the steamer of a coffee machine.
If poured in a slush machine, it becomes a fresh and delicious summer drink.
This product can also be used as topping and to prepare delicious cakes and desserts.

This recipe can also be produced with NON-HYDROGENATED vegetable fat.

Pastry Cream.

The pastry UHT cream is a preparation made of eggs, sugar, milk and flour, used in many confectionery products.
It can be served as a dessert or used as garnish or filling for cakes, sponge cake, cannoli, fritter, and many other patisserie products.

This recipe can also be produced with NON-HYDROGENATED vegetable fat.

Vegetable drinks:

Lemon flavored sorbets and other flavors on request.

Sorbet is a particularly light and thirst-quenching cold dessert that is generally served in the middle of a large meal to aid digestion. In the sorbets to be served at the end of the meal, the vodka can be added to the lemon juice, making the mixture softer and more creamy. UHT product is a fresh drink to be enjoyed at any time of the day. The peculiarity of these bases is that undergoing a high temperature treatment (140 ° C) they maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the product intact, without altering color and taste, and are transported at 20 ° C without following the cold line with considerable savings on costs. Shelf life 12 months

The recipe can also be produced with non-HYDROGENATED vegetable fats.

Milk with Vegetable Fat.

A completely vegetable milk used in confectionery production, in ice creams and in food and gastronomy in general. Excellent substitute for whole milk since is a product obtained from milk proteins and from skim milk enriched with vegetable fat (coconut).
** This milk based drink can eventually be added the following vitamins: Vitamin C, Nicotinamide Acid, Vitamin E and, Calcium D-Pantothenate, B6 Vitamin, B2 Vitamin, B1 Vitamin, Folic Acid, Biotin, B12 Vitamin. Furthermore, it can be turned in an optimal chocolate drink manufactured in 250 ml brik.

This recipe can also be produced with NON-HYDROGENATED vegetable fat.

Almond Milk.

The Almond Milk is a drink 100% vegetable, without gluten, cholesterol or lactose. Ideal for a nutritious breakfast, a delicious afternoon snack or for a refreshing after-dinner drink.
It is considered a valid substitute for the classic animal milk and is rich in important nutritive elements as: vitamin E, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, proteins, folic acid, potassium and magnesium.
It is a drink that must be consumed extremely cold! It can also be employed in the preparation of any sweet, from patisserie to ice creams.

Soya Milk

It is a soya drink that can be consumed in several ways: alone as a milk substitute or used in the preparation of any sweet, from patisserie to ice creams.
It is an excellent product to prepare every kind of drink and it can also be frozen.

Rice Milk.

It has a natural and delicate flavour thanks to its lightness and sweetness.
These features make this rice-based drink a perfect substitute for milk that can be used for food production, resulting in excellent flavour and quality.