Technologies and Production Systems

Over 50 years of experience allow us to offer the compact and highly efficient processing plants to satisfy the requirements of small and medium-size productions and also the big industrial productions.
We have developed two types of installations according to the specific requirements of each customer and according to the production sector:
• Indirect UHT plant with a capacity from 100 lt/h to 800 lt/ h for small and medium productions and for test laboratories.
• DIRECT UHT plants with capacities from 1000 liters / hour and over for industrial production.

We have NOT standard plants, but we design the system based on the type of product to be treated, and we follow the customer at 360 ° until the start of production of the product to be marketed.

UHT production line INDIRECT SYSTEM


  1. Preparation line ingredients and blending
  2. UHT sterilisation line up to 140°C equipped of homogeniser and cooling unit until 8°C
  3. Packaging line in bag in box
  4. ASEPTIC POUCH Sterile pouches suitable for the large distribution chains, available from 0,250 lt. to 5 lt. They assure long shelf life (12 months) at room temperature.
  5. BAG IN BOX Sterile bags available from 3 to 3 litres and over. Suitable for professional use, they assure long shelf life (12 months) at room temperature.

1. Preparation Equipment for the Formulated Products / mod. DR

The function of this preparation equipment is to dissolve and mix the several powdered ingredients to create the perfect mix between oils (lipophilic) and other liquids (hydrophilic) in steam heated tanks with automatic temperature control, to be subsequently sent to the UHT system for the thermal process. Being our recipes based on vegetable fats (hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated), the system is composed by a dilution tank for the fat, a mixer for the integration of the powders, oils and other liquids and a mixing tank.
The operation of the equipment is simple and fast, assuring absolute homogeneity of the output product to be processed by the UHT system.
This phase of recipes' preparation is very delicate and it has been regulated specifically in such way that the emulsion of water and oil is perfectly attained with the aim of avoiding separation of the finished product.
It is able to be customized and automatized on demand with ingredients dosage systems, using PLC and electronic instrumentation.

The range of our preparation equipment covers the following production capacities:

  • Equipment GP 281 > 70-200 liters/hour
  • Equipment GP 282 > 200-500 liters/hour
  • Equipment GP 283 > 500-1000 liters/hour

Impianto UHT indiretto / mod. S.I.P. (Sistem Indirect Processing)

2. Indirect UHT System / mod. S.I.P. (System Indirect Processing)

The UHT system is built in monoblock and it process the mixed product arriving from our preparation equipment, heating it up to 140°C.
All of our systems are conceived to process up to 4.000 cps thanks to our long and mature experience on the high technology American UHT systems. With our system, we manage to obtain a top-quality finished product, assuring every type of performance requested by the market.
By being able to reach a sterilization temperature of 140°C during 4 seconds, the product is processed in a delicate way and, if it is installed an aseptic filling machine at the product exit point, we succeed to guarantee a shelf-life in bag-in-box bags of 12 months.
On the contrary, if the product is expected to be used soon, it can be kept in cold storage at 2-3°C and with a shelf-life of 15-20 days.

This monoblock can also be used for laboratory tests and small works. It possesses all the existing components for industrial production systems and the possibility to operate variable processes (quantities, pressures, temperatures).
Furthermore, it allows to carry out any test for production optimization and for the research and development of new products.
It is possible to automatize the functions of the system on demand, through the use of a PLC and supervision software.
We customize all of our systems according to the specific requests of our clients based on the type of product.

The range of our UHT systems covers the following production capacities:

  • GS200 System > variable capacity from 70-200 liters/hour
  • GS500 System > variable capacity from 200-500 liters/hour
  • GS1000 System > variable capacity from 800-1000 liters/hour

3. Aseptic filler

Compact aseptic filler with 1 “filling head for liquid, dense and viscous products in flexible bags with 1” (heat resistant) cap.

UHT production line DIRECT SYSTEM starting from 1000 lt/h

Impianti UHT sistema diretto

UHT direct systems

UHT means Ultra High Temperature.
This term refers to a modern process of sterilization of liquid products which makes use of very high temperatures for very short periods of time, so as to ensure the sterility of the food without losing the organoleptic and nutritional properties.
The sterilization process involves the exposure of the liquid product at temperatures comprised between 135 and 155 ° C in relation to the heating time.
UHT direct or uperization method is the best way to obtain a liquid product long shelf life.
Our UHT direct plants have been conceived of tubular type with the American system so that the product is treated as gently as possible.

The systems may be connected to aseptic Bag in box or Tetra Pak packaging systems starting from 2000 lt / h.